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Graduale cum alleluja

Published by Bèrben, Ancona – by kind permission

The motet Gradual cum Alleluja, for choir and accordion, was composed in 1996 for the Polifonico Nuovo Rinascimento, Quero and published in 2003 by Bèrben, Ancona.

The friendship that binds us and his affection for the «Polifonico Nuovo Rinascimento» inspired him to compose this simple but moving motet. The accordion starts and develops in a singable and fresh melody that melts in the harmony created by the voices. The intervals between the notes are small and the music that results is easy to listen to. The theme, which has a modal flavour and rises from the lowest register, is assigned to the male voices.

The second part, concerning the ecstasy towards the «beauty» of the soul, is the most intense. Here the melody is developed through all the voices. The scene seemed to be waiting for something, now it is brightening: the sound spectrum branches out fan-wise and ends in a strong chord that achieves the textual meaning. The Alleluja soars in the rhythmical exultation: the joy caused by the disco­very of such a beauty invigorates and fulfils life. In the last part the rarefied and intimate atmosphere returns and allows the listener to find his or her own moment of mediation.

 Gilberto Meneghin Neirotti – (Conductor of the «Polifonico Nuovo Rinascimento», Quero)


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