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Shir hashirim suite


Shir hashirim suite has been thought for Sanna van Elst and Bobby Rootveld (duo Nihz), to whom it’s dedicated. Shir hashirim, in other words the Song of Songs – Song of Solomon, as the Biblical text by which it was inspired, is articulated into eight pictures:

1a.  Introduction and dance (Introduction and Dance of the daughters of Jerusalem)

1b.  Your name is oil poured out (Refrain)

2. Hinnāk jāfāh (How beatiful you are)

3. I’m sick with love

4. Arise, my belove

5. Shulammite’s dance

6. Let me hear your voice (Interlude for guitar solo)

7. Who will you give you as a sister to me?

8. The sun is rining (Make haste, my beloved)

Edition Tre Fontane – ETF 3078

für Blockflöte und Gitarre/ recorder + guitar


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