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Trittico Ungarico

! separate audio tracks are available in 1. Veni electa mea; 2. Matyas; 3. Istvan

The Trittico ungarico (Hungarian triptych) consists of three motets dedica­ted to important figures of religious and civic culture of Hungary: St. Elizabeth, Matthias Corvino and St. Steven I. The first motet, Veni electa, dedicated to St. Elizabeth (Erzsébet), was written between 1995 and 1996. The author had been commissioned to write this piece by the Choir of the Catholic University of Piliscaba (Hungary), directed by Piroska Legar. In December of the same year it was first performed in the temple of Matthias in Buda and at the Liszt Museum in Pest. On that occasion the author deci­ded to complete the Veni electa mea with two more motets, one to Matthias Corvino (Beatus Vir), and the other to St. Steven (Lex Dei ejus). The first performance in Italy was by the Gruppo Corale Polifonico «Isola Vicentina» directed by Pierluigi Comparin (Padova, the 24th of October 1997).

 “The three motets of the Hungarian triptych by Gianmartino Durighello are valuable works and very pleasant to listen to. The various voices of the choir mix beautifully without any artifice. The result is a measured contrapunctual style and the value of the sacred text stands out. The atmosphere created by this music is both archaic and modern at the same time: the Gregorian themes and ancient modality are expressed by a modern harmony, but without exaggeration, without showing an ostenta­tiously new style. This music deeply touches the soul because it comes from the soul; it com­municates an inner, inexpressible feeling. And isn’t it the music itself, together with the faith, that can express the inex­pressible?”

Pierluigi Comparin (Conductor of the Gruppo Corale Polifonico «Isola Vicentina»)



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